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Successful Recipients


In the academic year 2023/24, seven bursaries were awarded to the following talented students:

  • Brandon Roberts Centre for Alternative Technology
  • Adam Rich Centre for Alternative Technology
  • Nicoletta Rugina Oxford Brookes University
  • Arek di Giacinto Oxford Brookes University
  • Maggie Puiman Law Royal College of Art
  • Joao Tiago Silva Azevedo Westminster University
  • Elis Reah Westminster University

These recipients have used their bursaries for purchasing items to support their studies from computer hardware and software, model-making materials and books to funding field trips and exhibition visits.

Here are some more ways that the Bursary Beyond Price is helping them…

“The Bursary Beyond Price has played a key role in allowing me to start my architectural education on the right foot. The bursary not only allowed me to purchase a high-quality laptop that will last for the whole duration of the course... but also meant that I was easily able to go on trips around London with the cohort... I would recommend anyone who is eligible to apply!”

“...the bursary will allow me to produce high quality work for my submissions... Thank you for believing in my abilities and for making a difference in my life, I’m motivated and inspired to give back to others in the future.”
“The Bursary Beyond Price offered me a great support in regards to my studies... Thecorrespondence was clear, easy to communicate and to reach…the application process was straight forward. The help provided encouraged me to continue my studies.”

“...the bursary provided me with the flexibility to engage in extracurricular activities, such as attending art and design exhibitions for inspiration or lectures. It gives me the freedom to explore various architectural theories and design concepts without constant worry about making ends meet.”

“My first priority was to buy a laptop that could meet my ever-increasing needs and facilitate the realisation of big dreams and even greater drawings... As a student not relying on overworking, I have been able to act as a student rep on each of my modules and a peer-assisted learner for the first-year bachelor students; I hope to guide and serve others on this journey.”

“My heartfelt thanks goes to David Price, and the administrators of the award. It is heartening to know that he received this kind of support, and then chose to pass it on to others through this scheme... The application process was brilliant. Couldn’t be simpler.”

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