Bursary Beyond Price Bursary Beyond Price Bursary Beyond Price Bursary Beyond Price  

︎Terms & Conditions

  • This bursary is not transferable.

  • The bursary will be paid directly to the recipient’s bank account following written confirmation of a finalised student finance agreement and registration to the course.

  • The sum can be paid in instalments as agreed with the individual recipient.

  • Funds are recommended for, but not restricted to, the purchasing of relevant equipment such as computers, software, drawing and model-making materials and study trips.

  • By receiving funds, the student gives their consent for BBP to contact them at any time in order to help monitor and improve their services. Our ︎ Data Protection & Privacy Notice explains what personal data we collect and use about you/your parent or carer for the purposes of processing your bursary application.

  • It is the responsibility of the student to urgently contact the BBP if they intend to, or are required by the university, to suspend or withdraw from the agreed course.

  • Any bursary payment made by BBP in error OR paid as a result of false information submitted will normally be recovered from the student.

  • If a payment is not received by the student, it is the responsibility of that student to urgently contact the BBP, so that the non-payment can be investigated. The deadline for the (final) payment of bursaries is the start date of the summer term. No further awards will be made after this date. Please note: do NOT leave any queries about non-payment until the deadline, as it may take time to investigate and resolve your query.

BBP reserves the right to revise or amend these eligibility criteria and terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

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Bursary Beyond Price Bursary Beyond Price Bursary Beyond Price Bursary Beyond Price